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About the Journal

Auto/Biography Review: Expanding Perspectives on Life Studies and Narrative Analysis. An international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring theoretical and empirical aspects of autobiographical and biographical research, fostering academic interest in the representation of historical and contemporary lives.

Focus and Scope

Auto/Biography Review is an international, open-access, non-profit, peer-reviewed journal that delves into theoretical and empirical aspects of autobiographical and biographical research. With a focus on life studies and narrative analysis, the journal aims to foster academic interest in representing historical and contemporary lives.

The journal welcomes contributions from various disciplines and fields intersecting with sociology, such as history, geography, law and politics, psychology, health and healthcare, youth and social work, education, work and employment, business and management, literary criticism, and the arts. Submissions should demonstrate clear connections to the theory and practice of auto/biographical research.

Open Access Policy

Auto/Biography Review is published under Creative Commons licenses, including CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, and CC-BY-NC-ND licenses. Authors have the freedom to choose the license under which they publish their work, granting permissions for copying, redistribution, remixing, and building upon the material, with appropriate credit given and licensing conditions met.

Articles are assigned a DOI number and published immediately after final corrections. The journal is accessible through its website,, as well as international search engines like Google Scholar.

Copyright Notice

Authors contributing to Auto/Biography Review agree to publish their work under Creative Commons licenses. Authors retain the copyright of their work, with first publication rights granted to the British Sociological Association (BSA) or BSA Publications Ltd. The views expressed in the journal are not necessarily those of BSA, BSA Publications Ltd, the Editor, or the peer reviewers.

How We Operate

Auto/Biography Review is the journal of the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group. It operates on an open-access model, with members of the group enjoying free publication. Non-group members can submit articles for a fee of £30 per submission. All proceeds from group subscriptions support the funding of publications and group events.

The journal values community support and academic excellence, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to share their work and advance the subject matter. Join the BSA Auto/Biography Study Group for further engagement.

Publication Frequency

Auto/Biography Review operates on a rolling article submission basis, publishing two electronic issues per year.

Peer Review Policy and Process

Auto/Biography Review employs a fully anonymized peer-review process, where the identities of authors and reviewers are concealed. Each paper undergoes review by at least two experienced scholars. The review process is conducted electronically, with correspondence handled via email. The journal upholds high-quality peer-review standards, ensuring rigorous evaluation of all submitted manuscripts. Papers may be rejected prior to peer review if they fall outside the journal's scope or are deemed substandard.

For more information on the peer-review method employed by BSA journals, please visit

To ensure timely publication, authors are given a maximum of two months for revisions. After this period, revised manuscripts will be considered new submissions.