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Editorial Team


Dr. Carly Stewart, Bournemouth University 

Editorial Board

Dr. Natalie Barker-Ruchti, University of Orebro

Prof. David Brown, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Dr. Jennifer Byrne, University of Southampton

Dr. Anne Chappell, Brunel University

Mr. Michael Erben, University of Southampton

Prof. Gayle Letherby, University of Plymouth

Dr. Julie Parsons, University of Plymouth

Dr. Aidan Seery, University of Dublin

Prof. Andrew Sparkes, Leeds Beckett University

Prof. Liz Stanley, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Maria Tamboukou, University of East London 

Editorial Assistants

Dr Esther Anwuzia, Bournemouth University

Samar Shahid, Bournemouth University

Rosie Harper, Bournemouth University