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A Fine Balance: The Cultural Biography of an Academic Journal and its Scholars


In this editorial, I reflect upon my position as the new Editor of Auto/Biography Review and its transition from being solely a print journal to an online one. I consider the cultural biography of the journal as it entwines the embodied lives and professional identities of a community of scholars and illuminates some of the historical and economic forces in the academic publishing landscape. In closing, I suggest editors in a complex exchange economy can make publishing model choices that respond to the responsibilities of upholding the scholarly mission and uniting a community of diverse scholars. Following this, I outline the articles in this first online issue and invite future submissions.


Biography, Publishing, Community, Scholars, Professional, Lives, Journal


Author Biography

Carly Stewart

Carly Stewart is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department for People and Organisations at Bournemouth University. She is a co-convenor of the British Sociological Association Auto/biography Study Group and editor-in-chief of the BSA Auto/Biography Review journal. She is a narrative researcher of body-self relationships and identities in various disruptive and transitional contexts, including sports, health, education, employment, and the workplace. Carly is the author and co-editor of Womens Artistic Gymnastics: Socio-cultural perspectives (Routledge).


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